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Friday, December 23, 2005

Years ago, before his first stroke, Sharon promoted the idea of semi-autonomous, noncontiguous cantons for the Palestinians in Yesha.

Since coming to power, Sharon has been putting this plan into place, except it is the Jews who are in the noncontiguous cantons.

At major junctions in Judea/Samaria, border crossings have been and are being constructed.

For instance, one particular border crossing in the Shomron (and this it seems will be the model) has 3 lanes; one lane is for local residents with a special canton sticker on their car, one for Israeli citizens, and one for “commercial” traffic.

Each Jewish canton resident will be receiving (or has in some cases received) a personalized car sticker that will allow them relatively unhindered access between the State of Israel and their canton. Non-resident Israelis will need go through an inspection to determine what their business is, who are they visiting or visited, and who’s in the car with them.

Of course, a resident of one canton in Yesha that wants to visit his friend or relative in a different canton will go through a non-resident inspection as each canton sticker is canton specific.

In short, unilateral disengagement from Judea and Samaria has already begun, just much more subtly and quietly.

But it doesn't end there, as once the Arabs get their "safe passage" between Gaza and Hebron/Ramallah to provide them contiguity, then the State of Israel itself will find itself divided into noncontiguous cantons.

Go Sharon Go.

(Somebody bet on the gray.)


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