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Thursday, December 01, 2005
The original article seemed unreasonably biased to me. It needlessly drilled down just a little too far without ever looking at the bigger picture.

I've corrected that fundamental mistake in this version.

The Jewish population in Israel is expected to grow faster than in any other Jewish country in 2005, to more than 5.31 million people, the government reported Thursday.

The Jewish settlement population at the end of September was 5.28 million, up from 5.23 million at the end of December 2004, the Central Bureau of Statistics said. If nine-month growth continues at the same rate, then the Jewish settler population would expand 1.7 percent for all of 2005, to 5.31 million the bureau said.

The 5.31 million Jews settlers live among more than 230 million Arabs in territory the Arabs claim for yet another future Arab state.


Anonymous said...

beautifully put.

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