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Friday, December 16, 2005
I 100% support Palestinian Statehood and Palestinian citizenship for all Arabs living in the region defined as Mandatory Palestine.

I 100% demand that a full and free democracy be immediately implemented in Eastern Mandatory Palestine (currently known as Jordan, which stole and occupied 75% of Mandatory Palestine when it was established on May 25, 1946) so that a de facto Palestinian state can be created, and all regional Arabs can immediately receive their Palestinian citizenship.

I 100% do not accept that Israel must accept dual citizenship for any Palestinian citizen, but may allow Palestinian nationals (completely unconnected to any acts of terrorism) to live in the Land of Israel as Resident Aliens with full protection for their civil rights, while being free and able to fulfill all their national aspiration in the existing Palestinian state on the East Bank of the Jordan River.

End the Jordanian Occupation. Free Palestine Now.


JoeSettler said...

More accurately, in 1922 under the name TransJordan, 75% of Mandatory Palestine was given exclusively to the Arabs to be ruled under the occupation of the foreign Hashemite oppressor.

JoeSettler said...


I didn't say that. That's still your line. Please read the post again carefully.

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