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Thursday, December 15, 2005
What a surreal country we live in.

Today, the first Kassam missile hit Ashkelon from Gaza, meanwhile the government plans more expulsions, this time of Jews from a part of Hebron that was bought by various Jewish families over 200 years ago (and if I got the location right, including land owned by members of my own extended family who barely made it out alive during the 1929 Arab massacre of the Jewish residents).

But if that isn't ridiculous enough for you, today the government attempted to start constructing the wall around Gush Etzion, well actually only part of Gush Etzion, the rest is apparently to be abandoned.

So they came with their chainsaws and were about to cut down the entire beautiful 100 year old forest near the Gush Junction to build a provisional wall, until a last-minute temporary injunction was issued!

This government has decided to simply roll over and die, but not before taking everyone else down with them.

The Suda Forest

The Government Tree Cutters

And while I’m mentioning the ridiculous I might as well add one more item.

A major car bomb was caught today just before it was deployed.

The Arabs of Bethlehem/El Hadr planned to drop a fully loaded car bomb onto the Gush Etzion bridge from the mountain ridge just over the tunnel entrance that the bridge extends from.

Even if there was a plan to build an additional wall on the ridge (there is a fence there already, but it proved to be quite useless today) it won’t prevent the Arabs from simply attacking from behind the wall, after all, the government has no intention of clearing out the mountain face, just sticking its head in the sand behind the walls.

In fact, there have been a number of Molotov cocktails dropped in the past couple of months from that area.

Unless the government finally decides that the best defense is a good offense things will just get worse.

The bridge/tunnel entrance


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