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Sunday, December 11, 2005
My Leftist friends are in a dilemma. They would love to vote for Sharon (having no one else to vote for) on the off-chance he will cut off more of our homeland. But his willy-nilly gang of mismatched coattail hangers are really turning them off.

Meanwhile, the exodus from the Likud is beginning to make the Likud more attractive. As I implied in previous posts ( Taking out the trash, Running the Likud by Remote Control, and A Quickie Political Analysis ) the Likud needs to clean house, and Sharon’s Refugee party is giving those dead-end power stalkers a place to run to.

With Mofaz now gone, and Silvan being the only one that can do it for Judy (at least according to the advertisements she hung up all over the place), I think the rest of us would be happy if he were also to run on over to Sharon.

Meanwhile the Likud is beginning to return to its roots, and the reason people voted for it originally - ideals and principles that represent the majority of this nation’s beliefs.

Does that mean that Likud could win over Kadima.
Who knows?
Kadima still has the attraction of a new party and Sharon does draw his crowd, but a new Likud that is clean and takes a strong moral position may turn out to be just the crowd-pleaser that the public is looking for.

Once the Likud announces its new leader and gets in gear we’ll see a change in the polls.

As for Sharon, as I asked my leftists friends, besides himself, what exactly does he stand for?


Ze'ev said...

I have heard from Tzchi HaNegbi that Sharon stands for great "personality" - that's got to be worth some votes (or at least a 2nd date).

JoeSettler said...

I would never go out on a _first_ date with someone who was described as having a "great personality" (when I was dating that is).

Hanegbi is clearly desperate and feels his political clock ticking.

westbankmama said...

Even if Likud does not win this time - it's clear that Kadimah will be a one-election wonder. When it's Likud vs. Amir Peretz's Labor - especially after 4 more years of economic reform taking hold, no matter what happens on the security front - it will be no contest.

Likudniks are finally doing what has never been done before in Israeli politics - they are taking the long view.

But it would be nice if Likud won in time to save my house in the Shomron...

JoeSettler said...

I think everyone is in for a surprise.
I don't think Kadima will do as well as everyone thinks, and if it does, it will only be because the votes will be siphoned from Labor.

Once Likud appoints a new head we'll see them start to go back up.

Jerusalemcop said...

you think that bibi can bring the likud together? I like what Feiglin stands for, but he unfortunately has no chance. It feels similar to when so many people voted for Herut last election, myself included and they walked away with bubkas.

Anonymous said...

Sharon is going to be the next Shimon Peres (Loser)

For my post election prediction check out my latest work at


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