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Thursday, December 22, 2005
I’ve said in the recent past “Vote Shalom get Sharon”.

But now I have a serious problem, I can’t get it to rhyme with Netanyahu.

Netanyahu is chasing after the so-called center vote and is worried that Feiglin is going to make him lose that.

But in the meantime, Bibi’s Likud MKs actually still sit (with his blessing) in Sharon’s government as ministers.

So it’s not clear to me anymore. Why should I vote Likud?

Shalom (Sharon’s man) is given the number 2 position instead of Uzi Landau who actually deserved it - not to mention some of the nasty things Shalom said before the primaries. Likud MKs Livnat, and others still serve at Sharon’s pleasure - so a vote for Netanyahu gets you what?

A spineless leader who can’t control his own party, an ideologically philandering politician who doesn’t properly reward Landau’s loyalty, and someone who has proven in the past that he can’t stand up to US pressure like in Hebron.

Bibi said regarding banning Feiglin, "The Likud will bring back glory and honesty, clean hands and democracy in the spirit of Menachem Begin."

Is there anyone in the Likud beside Feiglin that exemplifies the honesty, clean hands and democracy in the spirit of Menachem Begin?

So why vote for Bibi’s Likud? Vote for Sharon and get the original.


Anonymous said...

This is just a rehash of a previous post.

JoeSettler said...

It's worth repeating.

JoeSettler said...

I guess besides Feiglin there might also be Uzi Landau, but that will depend on how he reacts to Bibi's ploy.

Jerusalemcop said...

i agree, no reason to vote likud. Problem is who to vote for instead

westbankmama said...

I am voting for the Likud in the next election, not because I like Bibi, I don't. What I do want is to increase the power that Manhigut Yehudit has in the Likud. Most Likudnikim think that they can badmouth Feiglin, because the Manhigut people don't vote Likud anyway.

If those of us who live in Yehuda and Shomron DO vote Likud next time (and there are very detailed lists published after the elections)the politicians will see that.

We have to grow up in this country, and internalize what Moshe Feiglin has been saying - real political clout only comes from the major parties. The small parties are irrelevant - at most they are small groups of bribable Knesset Members. (And I don't mean just in terms of money.) If we want to lead the country we have to take the long, hard road of building up a base in the Likud.

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