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Monday, November 14, 2005
It’s truly a deep philosophical question:

What happens when an unstoppable manipulator collides with an unyielding dictator? (and which one is which?)

In a typical Sharon maneuver, Sharon tried to sidestep Peretz’s demand for the meeting to dissolve the government.

Attempting to buy himself time, Sharon simply pushed off the meeting with a flimsy excuse.

Peretz, the seasoned negotiator (Peretz hasn’t lost a negotiation yet that I know of - simply because he always knows who to take hostage - everyone) decided that Sharon’s typical manipulation of the playground rules will simply not happen this time.

So Peretz had all his Labor sheep submissively write, sign, and hand in their resignation notices – which he duly collected and will be presenting to Sharon.

A Fait Accompli.

So like it or not, Sharon’s government is now over within 48 hours of whenever Peretz decides to give him the letters.

You can note a series of interesting points with this story:

  1. Labor ministers are sheep.
  2. Despite all this talk that Peretz is inexperienced in politics and doesn’t have the background/experience needed to run a government (as if any politician in the rest of the world actually does before they are elected), you can see that that talk is just sour grapes from those “experienced” MKs who are now acting like the sheep they are.
  3. Sharon is so used to bulldozering his way and manipulating the rules, he completely fumbled against someone who knows how to manipulate within the rules even better than he.
  4. Peretz has a very serious chance of becoming the next Prime Minister.

Very scary isn't it?

Meanwhile, it's no longer a surprise to me why the Left keeps bringing us Oslo reruns and never notices when it doesn’t work, yet again, the real reason why.

Talk about a group of delusional individuals.

None of my Leftist (politically, not financially Left) friends are at all concerned with Peretz’s communistic philosophies, tendencies, actions and beliefs.

Every single one of them completely and utterly believes that once he is in power he will moderate his actions and attitude.

“What you see from here is not what you see from there,” Sharon said, and they repeat.

Who are they kidding?

Listen to the guy talk. He hasn't modified anything, and he has no intention to.

Peretz hasn't backed down or modified his view on anything he believes in his entire life.

Peretz's every ambition and negotiation has always been to force his opponent to give him exactly what he wants.

This man has shut down the entire country numerous times; he’s stranded innocent tourists for days at the airport as his hapless pawns; he’s caused blameless industries millions if not billions of dollars in damages so he could get something he wanted from a different sector entirely.

Can they really kid themselves into believing that this is a man who will moderate himself now that he has the chance to do exactly what he has always wanted to do?


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

You have to admit that Peretz knows how to negotiate. He has REAL red lines, which he refuses to cross.

On the other hand, Sharon and Peres have red lines which are so unstable, that the only red line left for them is the Duty Free outgoing line at Ben Gurion Airport

Anonymous said...

Check out this Stalin wannabe down to his facial hair. Israel has this intense need to dredge up any type of so-called leader they can muster. Seems with all the unemployed lawyers over there they might find one easier on the eyes.

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