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Thursday, November 10, 2005
Labor’s characteristic voter fraud aside, it seems there was a real revolution in the Labor camp this week.

Left wing voters have apparently given up on Shimon Peres’s messianic adventurism into his militant world of Peace, and instead want Amir Peretz’s exercises in economic terrorism to rule the roost.

What does this mean for us here in Israel.

One can only assume that when Peretz will protest a vote in the Knesset he will use his standard trick of shutting down the country for a few days until he gets what he wants.

Talk about a strong opposition party.

Heading into the world of speculation, Peres will need to decide if it is better to serve in hell or to serve in hell.

Will Sharon break away from the Likud, and Shimon join him as one of his number 2s?

Or will Shimon stay on and serve as one of Peretz’s many number 2s?

A tough choice for a perpetual loser 1 2.


Cosmic X said...


I'm no fan of Shimon Peres, but the "loser" label that he got stuck with is inappropriate:

1) He's crying all the way to the bank. I've heard that he is very rich.

2) He may not win elections, but his policy, unfortunately gets carried out by others (first rabin, now Sharon.)

JoeSettler said...

1a. You can be rich and still be a loser.

1b. Strong innuendo has it that he profiteered off his "Peace Links", like the Jericho casino. Nice way to get rich - by bringing in terrorists into Israel.

2. That points out pathetic and loserish a political system we have.

The voters overwhelmingly reject a candidate and platform and instead it is stuffed down our throats anyway via dirty tricks and backroom politics.

You can be a conniving person and a loser at the same time.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Joe, Cosmic:

Peres's "Peace Center" owns the majority stake in many aspects of the monopolous PA economy. PALTEL for example, the telecom monopoly in the PA...

I couldn't live off blood money. If he can, then he'll get his at 120.

JoeSettler said...

Well I guess it's not rumor or innuendo then.

Why 120? Ahh, no incitement.

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