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Thursday, January 29, 2009
This part is true: Bibi Netanyahu has said he wants to form a coalition with either Labor or Kadima, and he doesn’t want to form a coalition with the extreme Right wing.

Consider this: Labor has an opposing economic and security outlook from the Likud. Kadima has an opposing security outlook from the Likud and a mixed-up position on everything else. Shas is certainly going to try to extort Bibi like always.

Can a functioning coalition be formed with partners like that?

Now imagine this:
Bibi goes to the Jerusalem Conference to speak. As it happens, he bumps into Katzalah of Ichud Leumi, and they get to talking.

Katzaleh: Shalom Bibi.

Bibi: Hello Katzaleh.

Katzaleh: You know you are going to have a tough time with the coalition you are trying to form.

Bibi: I need to form a large and stable coalition.

Katzaleh: Large it may be, but stable? Everyone there will have their own agenda. You won’t be able to count on their vote, unless you buy them off with something they want – every single time. They’re all going to make trouble for you.

Bibi: That’s politics.

Katzaleh: Well, I can certainly offer you a number of guaranteed votes on all your important issues.

Bibi: [Interest piqued] How’s that?

Katzaleh: Our interests and platforms are aligned in so many areas. And you already said that you plan to allow for the needs of “Natural Growth” in our Settlements.

Bibi: I’m listening.

Katzaleh: I’ve got one simple condition. I want Ichud Leumi in the government with a ministry, preferably the “Building and Construction Ministry”.

Bibi: And in exchange?

Katzaleh: Until you try to uproot settlements, we'll support all your proposals.

Bibi: But I don’t plan to uproot settlements. And won’t you be making other unreasonable demands or threats along the way?

Katzaleh: Bibi, we’ve known each other for a long time. You know I am a pragmatist and a man of my word. Our interests are aligned. We want to improve the economy. We want to improve the education system. We want to fix the judiciary - though not like Dan Meridor does, but your own people said he doesn’t represent the Likud’s view in that.

Help us, and we’ll prop you up against your other partners who are going to make a lot of trouble for you.

Bibi: Hmmm. 10 guaranteed votes in the Knesset, and another 1 or 2 in the cabinet. That sounds like a good deal for both of us. We’ll talk more right after the elections.

Now wouldn't that be an interesting conversation?


Rafi G. said...

that it would..

Anonymous said...

Talk about Life imitating Art. I just came across this on the Ichud Leumi blog.

Anonymous said...


Sorry, I'm an American. But I've been following as much news as I can get; and a blog called Muqata had a poll done by a group called "Machaneh Yehuda".

Since the numbers were so strange, I wrote them down. To see if this turns out to be the truth on February 10th. But in this poll, Likud will get 35 seats. Kadima only 11. And, Labor will drop to 7. Israel Beiteinu will get 19. And, SHas, 16.

Anyway, IF Kadima drops "mandates" ... and I don't mean "just losing 4," I'd suspect that Livni would be forced to resign. And, then? If Shaul Mofaz became the front runner, why, yes. I can see an easy transition to Bibi's government.

Now, if Labor really did so poorly, they dropped from their current 19 Knesset seats to 7; you tell me how Ehud Barak wouldn't be forced to resign?

Was "Machaneh Yehuda" just a joke? You know, I have no idea. Nor am I a fortune teller; so I have no idea what will happen on February 10th. Politicians, however, ahead of time, do know what outcomes can be! Because they take polls seriously. And, they don't share their results with outsiders.

For some strange reason; again, not based on knowledge, I keep thinking that by sending George Mitchell out, Livni "lost seats."

But in the world of politics you do find some strange bedfellows. (And, why not assume Rahm Emanuel is quite ready to guide Obama into accepting a Bibi led government?) It would be much less trouble-some that what befell Bush. Who not only fell in popularity, here, in America. He shredded his family's political legacy to boot.

One thing Bibi's done is coming out and saying "ISRAEL IS BLUE AND ORANGE." THere you have it. HEALING. Instead of what happened to appease Bush. And, also got nowhere on the road to peace. For 8 years, you not only ran in circles, everything spiraled down.

Anyway, if you're listening, thanks.

Jehoshaphat said...

Dream on! It would be too logical for any Israeli politician to understand.

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