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Sunday, January 18, 2009
An exploratory drill 90 KM off the Haifa shore seems to have found 88 billion cubic meters of natural gas at the Tamar-1 test drill site.

Current estimates state that the amount of natural gas found may be enough to make Israel energy independent for generations!

This is a good thing, but I hope it doesn't turn us into a lazy nation living off our natural resources, as opposed to a proactive nation using our natural resources to build and develop even more.

Yitzchak Tshuva is going to be an even richer man.


Anonymous said...

Usually when Israel makes an energy find it ends up with Arabs like the oil fields in Sinai. Not sure how the Israelis can screw this one up unless Haifa is given to the Palestinians.

Unknown said...

Apparently Lebanon is now trying to claim at least a portion of this natural gas find. Here's the link! Talk about Hutzpa!!,7340,L-3659319,00.html

So, Phil, you may not be too far off.

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