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Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Dennis Prager raises an interesting question over at TownHall regarding the definition and values of the Left and how it doesn’t mean what it used to, and as such, why does Alan Dershowitz continue to identify himself with a term that has become synonymous with rabid anti-Semitism?

Following that, I’m astounded that some Liberal Jewish bloggers and commenters actually recommend that Israelis absorb endless rocket attacks and attempts at a mega terror strike as opposed to wiping out the terrorists – specifically because we might kill some enemy civilians in doing so – particularly when a well known and thinking Liberal like Dershowitz would rail exactly against that kind of thinking.

But let’s go beyond this Universal Humanistic philosophy that implies that Jews shouldn’t properly defend themselves if a member of an enemy population might get hurt or killed (even if it is because of the actions of their fellow countrymen).

In Judaism we have the concept of mutual responsibility (for good and for bad) within one’s society. Yet, those on the Left would apply that concept only to Jews and deny this concept to others – a double standard for sure.

But that is only the tip of the problem, because the further Left one goes, the further they claim to support “Human Rights”, and the more they want Jews to be killed and murdered.

Look at all these leftwing protests around the world.

So many of them are holding up signs demanding that the Jews be killed or gassed, and those around them are not protesting these calls for genocide.

Is that really the viewpoint of a liberal, humanist or pacifist?

Obviously not. Or perhaps nowadays, apparently so.

What was once Left, is simply now a socially acceptable cover for rabid Antisemitism.

It bothers me that my fellow Jews on the Left don’t realize that they are associating ideologically with people who may actually want them dead, and that they are absorbing foreign philosophies that are detrimental to their own long-term welfare – if those on the Left would have their way.

If you want to be Left, at least be Left like Alan Dershowitz. He has self respect as a Jew – even if he is wrong on other things.

And please, don’t come to this blog to try to convince anyone that the IDF is doing anything immoral in the way it is fighting this war. I will erase those idiotic comments.


Daniel said...

First, most of the people that ideologically agree with you are on the right and vote that way.
Second, Dershowitz is an anachronism. Each year ther proportion of Jewishly commited lefty Jews shrinks- his own kid married out. Meanwhile the proportion of lefty Jews that lead the anti-Israel marches increases. Nevertheless, their overall numbers are going down due to assimilation(DOVBEARan exeption).
The pro-Jewish lefties either just give lip service to their support of Israel( they say they are for a strong Israel, but vote for people endorsed by Hamas, never visit , don't send their kids to study); or they think that hamas endorsed politicians will be tempered by events of liberal Jewish fundraisers. This is naive when you consider the damage done by Carter and Clinton. In the latters case we were saved by Arafat, but those Jews are liberals first and don't forget it.

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