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Sunday, January 04, 2009
From the Muqata 10:55 PM Channel 2 Israel TV reports that most of the wounded (57) IDF troops are either settlers or Religious Jews.

There is no denying the "National Religious" Jew is taking the lead, yet again, in defending this country.

I take great pride in that we have taken this role on ourselves, but it disturbs me that we wouldn't be in any of these messes in the first place if the "National Religious" Jew were also the ones leading this country politically, instead of those people with their warped theories and philosophies.

It really is time for a political revolution. And while it is still a long ways off, one can hope that people like Ketzaleh and Feiglin continue to fight to position our camp where we belong - and eventually succeed.


Anonymous said...

דביר עמונאלוף (דתי חובש כיפה)
דגן ורטמן (דתי חובש כיפה)
יוחנן נתנאל (דתי חובש כיפה)
ניתאי שטרן (דתי חובש כיפה)
אלכסנדר משביצקי (עולה חדש)
יוסף מועדי (דרוזי)

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