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Thursday, January 22, 2009
Over at the Muqata a number of commenters noted how unbelievable it was that Hamas claimed they killed thousands of IDF soldiers, downed some helicopters and kidnapped a few soldiers in the bargain.

To those readers it is unbelievable because it is verifyably untrue.

What they don't understand is how the truth plays no role in Palestinian storyline.

Like the Pallywood story of Al-Dura or the so-called massacre of Jenin, the truth is a weapon to be manipulated in the war against the Jews, as after all the truth is what people are taught to believe it is.

Tens of thousands of Arab children are raised on these stories in school and at home, and will believe it forever.

For them Hamas will have been a victorious army that defeated the Zionist invasion, and the IDF massacred 500 women and children in Jenin (and let's not forget Dir Yassin).

Thus this war is perpetuated forward into time immemorial.

It's really quite simple and quite believable.



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