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Saturday, January 24, 2009
Makor Rishon (D’yukan page 7) this Shabbat published the official protest from Rachel Imeinu’s media advisor officially denying the story that she appeared in Gaza and personally directed soldiers away from 3 booby-trapped buildings.

According to the spokesperson, Rachel Imeinu has not participated in any military activities recent or otherwise in the past 3000 years. She has not communicated with any Golani or Tank soldiers, nor with senior officers in the Military Rabbinate, and since passing on, she generally avoids extraneous activities in this world.

Of course she prays for the well-being of all Jewish soldiers in all generations.

Until further notice, she has no intention of responding to any military call-up orders.

And finally, Rachel Imeinu would like to mention that she passed on in the prime of her life, and takes exception to being portrayed as an old lady (Arab or otherwise).


Neshama said...

I love the 'caveat emptor' [let the blogger beware]!

Its a shame they didn't have their cellphones; they could have snapped a pic of this mysterious lady.

Lurker said...

This just in:

UN Human Rights Council votes 33-1 to condemn Rachel Imeinu for providing assistance and intelligence data to Zionist war criminals in Gaza
Resolution dismisses Matriarch's denial of involvement as 'Zionist disinformation'

Lurker said...

Great comment from Menachem on Rafi G's blog:

It seems pretty clear now that it wasn't Rochel. Apparently when the soldiers woke up in the morning they realized it was Leah.

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