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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi is really biting his tongue and not saying what he's thinking. In response to the cease fire, he made a comment this evening along the lines of "The campaign is not over and the coming days require us to stay organized [loaded], prepared and ready until quiet returns to our communities and cities."

Probably the most you can get out of him in terms of stating that this ceasefire is truly idiotic.

Hamas has put it into perspective when they gave Israel their demands for an IDF withdrawal from Gaza.

Of course the world put it in perspective when then they demanded we allow the Gazan to have open borders to bring in whatever they want, and the latest is talk that the world will demand Israel rebuild Gaza.

And of course Hamas is still shooting rockets.

Incredible. We had Hamas on the ropes. We were winning unconditionally. There is no question we were on the verge of destroying Hamas completely, and then the political echelon comes along and pulls out the carpet from underneath the feet of our soldiers - just ahead of campaign time for elections.

I don't think we've ever had a government in Israel that lost 2 wars (actually, I don't think we ever had another government that actually lost even one war in the end).

And the worst part is, people will still actually vote for Kadima and Labor.

Sometimes we deserve what we get.


K. Shoshana said...

I can't help feeling this will be one of those moments when we reflect, if only...just like when Ronald Reagan arrived safe passage for the PLO out of Lebanon - imagine the possiblities - if he hadn't.

rashkov said...

Is there any value to a positive international opinion of Israel? Economic sanctions could be a looming threat, for one thing. Israel has been winning, but it is taking a toll on its international standing. Of course, that always happens, but why does Israel care?

In a previous post, you wrote that the IDF destroyed 1000 of 15,000 Hamasniks. How do you reconcile this with your claim that Israel was on the verge of toppling Hamas?

Anonymous said...

The world wouldn't be able to place sanctions on Israel with a united front. To begin with the US would ignore it (before Obama at least).

I think it is self-fulfilling Left-wing Israeli paranoia.

We let them push us around. When we've stood our ground in the past, we've shown what a paper tiger the UN really is.

While we didn't kill enough terrorists, we were destroying their weapons stockpiles, smuggling tunnels, government support structure and communications capabilities.

When ever Hamas fired a rocket, we located and usually hit the rocket crews.

They would have been left with most of their fighters who would have hidden with the civilian population that supports them, but they would have been left with no serious infrastructure to attack us with and no way of refurbishing it.

Furthermore, in the past few days of the war, we were hitting higher ranking Hamas targets at the rocket launch sites, because the low ranking terrorists were afraid to go out by themselves to shoot.

Anonymous said...

Another important point to remember is that Jewish communities are important parts of the local Arab economy.

The Gaza Jewish communities supported thousands of Arab families and provided them with salaries and honorable jobs in farming, manufacturing and construction.

That too creates a vested interest in the clan heads and familes to maintain a certain level of control over their populations.

Anonymous said...

Entirely agree my friend.

Even worse news follows.
I have reliable information to suggest that the independent media has been censored in Israel.
My sister works for a wire agency and there are reports of at least two IDF soldier kidnappings towards the end of the push.

In both cases orders to shoot both soldier and Hamas kidnapper were given. Apparently airstrikes were called in on one occasion.

I can understand the need to avoid another Shalit, but this is immoral. Shame on these cowards. They are worse than the enemy.

Anonymous said...


I personally would rather be killed by "friendly fire" than taken captive by hamas.

tahseen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

That's so true Renegade. I just worry that the army's reasons for doing it were more to do with PR!

Anyway, I know I hear there's an increase in radiation in Southern Israel following our use of DU.

But I'd rather die of Cancer knowing that we killed some arab terrorists and their children along the way.

great blog btw keep it up

Anonymous said...

There is no increase in radiation in the South, and Israel does not use DU.

That is Arab propaganda.

Any children that were killed, were killed solely because of Hamas, as they don't care how many children get killed if they can try to destroy Israel.

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