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Sunday, November 30, 2008
As you probably heard, an army base near Kibbutz Nachal Oz was hit by Kassam the other evening, some 8 soldiers were injured and one unfortunately lost his leg.

The soldiers report that they and their commanding officers have been trying to get the base relocated to a new location (currently) outside of enemy fire - with no success.

The second option they requested was more reinforcements of the structures against the missile and mortar attacks.

So they asked to retreat. They asked to hide in bunkers.

The only thing they actually did NOT ask for was to fight the enemy and stop the fire on them and more importantly the civilian settlements around them - who don't have the option to retreat or bunker down.

This is the now ingrained result of the Left and Barak's philosophy to flee, whether it be from Lebanon, Joesph's Tomb, Gaza, Hebron, and anywhere else.


Leah Goodman said...

should we be surprised?
How can soldiers think that they're supposed to do anything other than run away after the army force was turned against citizens?
I blame Ariel Sharon.

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