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Tuesday, November 04, 2008
I just got back from Beit HaShalom in Hebron and the Federman Farm in Kiryat Arba after visiting with some friends ahead of reports that the government was planning to kick out the legal owners from their homes tonight.

Luckily, at this point nothing was happening.

But after visiting the destruction at Noam Federman’s farm, one my friends said it right when he said this was nothing other than state-sponsored terrorism.

I am sure that you have this image in your mind that Federman's farm was just some hut or caravan in the middle of nowhere that was knocked down – and you couldn’t be more wrong.

What was destroyed was a house. A real house with stone walls, a roof and a Pladelet door (the door is still standing). A house that was lived in for years (not to mention all the other buildings of the farm).

But that isn’t even half of it. The farm is littered with destroyed furniture, toys, equipment and more. They even smashed the dog house.

And this farm isn’t in the middle of nowhere. It isn’t some outpost on some empty hilltop. It is in the middle of Kiryat Arba – inside the government-built security fence (what’s left of it at least) of the town!

When we got there Noam Federman was sitting in a chair around a campfire with some friends, burning what was left of his kitchen cabinets (and quite surprising to me, in a good mood).

Someone asked him why did they do this to him.

He answered quite simply, “When a good person does a good deed, you don’t ask why. When a Rasha (evil person) does a bad deed, you don’t need to ask why either”.


Batya said...

It breaks my heart. We live in a totalitarian regime.

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