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Saturday, November 29, 2008
There were two separate interviews in the weekend's paper that I read, both of which surprised me.

The first was with Silvan Shalom. When asked about Moshe Feiglin in the Likud, Shalom said he has absolutely no problem with Feiglin being in the Likud.

Shalom said the Likud is the national politcal home for any and all Israelis who accept the basic positions of the Likud (which of course Moshe does and tries to promote to all the other Likud members).

Shalom of course is not exactly the best friend with Netanyahu which could explain the response, though you should note that Shalom didn't show up at Feiglin's primary convention.

On the other side was an interview with Benny Begin.

Begin responded to the question by answering that his disagreement with Feiglin is well known, and he needn't go into it, instead the interviewer should ask what he has in common with Dan Meridor (on the far left), at which point he describes how much he and Meridor have in common. Quite worrisome.

Of course, he owes his return to the Likud to Netanyahu - who absolutely hates Feiglin.

It seems after all, that it is all politics.


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