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Thursday, November 27, 2008
Last night I was at the Moshe Feiglin Primary event. The hall was packed and full of electricity.

One particular event stood out in my mind for its hilarity.

They showed a video of Moshe on some Israeli talk show facing off with one of the heads of Peace Now.

As expected, the Leftist was saying that they are the only game in town and the Right has no solution.

So Moshe took him to task.

He got him to admit what he defines as the crux of the problem – the friction between the Arab community and the Israeli community, that Arabs and Jews (or was it Palestinians and Israelis?) can't live together.

He had him say he loves Eretz Yisrael - all the while the Leftist kept trying to argue where the borders are, Moshe kept firm and said Eretz Yisrael and didn’t discuss borders.

Moshe pointed out that despite $150 Billion Dollars spent in additional security and peace measure since Oslo (from security guards to the Wall) we are further from peace and security than ever, and it is just costing more and more.

Moshe then pointed out 2 Arab university studies that clearly stated that 80% of Gazans and 60% of Arabs in Judea and Samaria would like to leave and permanently move elsewhere (Dubai, Canada, and the EU leading the list of desired locations).

The Peace Nower kept arguing that those studies are meaningless and irrelevant to any discussion. The show interviewer kept throwing up the word "transfer". They became heated and irrational in their responses.

But Moshe calmly continued and asked, why they didn’t have a problem paying Jews to leave, but do have a problem paying Arabs? Can they understand their double standard? Can they not accept that their Land for Peace formula is not working.

Then Moshe dropped the bombshell.

Moshe continued and pointed out that if the $150 Billion additional Dollars spent on all the additional security measures since Oslo had been wisely utilized, every Arab family in Israel could have received a minimum of $250,000 dollars each to start off a new life elsewhere. And as Israel continues to throw away money on never-ending security measure, the amount per family could actually double or triple that – not bad for your typical Arab who may at best make $5000 a year under Palestinian rule (average Palestinian salaries dropped a lot ever since the PA took over).

And what country wouldn’t want a new immigrant with a quarter million dollars in their bank account?

At that point, the logic hit some of the other people in the show (not right wingers in fact) and they started to argue that Moshe was 100% right, and why aren’t we considering that alternative instead.

Moshe continued to bash the Peace Nower and asked him, does he really love Eretz Yisrael like he claims, and can he consider a moral and workable solution like this one or does he just want to kick Jews out of their homes and in reality doesn't love Eretz Yisrael?

You can guess the response.


Thanks Hartzl for the link.

In the meantime, I just find it amusing that someone would consider it immoral to offer someone (who makes just $5000 a year) $250,000 dollars to move to a new location and start a new and peaceful life. There wouldn't even be enough conflict there to even turn it into a reality TV show.


Hartzl said...

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