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Monday, November 24, 2008
The government would rather attack the Gush Katif refugees than Hamas (or Fatah) terrorists.

This morning 20 Yasamnikim entered Nitzan with violence on their hands and minds (and horses).

Nitzan is the "temporary" location of many of the expelled Gush Katif residents where they live in caravans while waiting for the government to provide them with a permanent housing solution to replace the one the government stole and destroyed.

One particular Gush Katif family had enough waiting and moved out on their own to the Shukda settlement in the Negev.

This left their 90 meter caravan open and available. So another family in Nitzan, tired of being squished into their 60 meter "temporary" caravan decided to move over to the 90 meter "temporary" caravan.

This morning, 20 black-uniformed Yasamnikim came and violently expelled them from their new temporary residence.

in response, the residents of Nitzan uselessly protested on the highway.

You can see an interview here.

Is there no end to the evil this government can do?


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