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Saturday, November 22, 2008
The major Israeli papers this week published an ad from the League of Arab States.

The ad was address to all Israelis, telling them they could have a "Full diplomatic and normal relations for comprehensive pease (sic) agreement and Ending the Occupation."

Wow! Imagine that, peace with all the dictatorships and 3rd world countries in the Middle East.

And what are the Arabs asking in return?

Well, besides Israel evacuating all Jews to the pre-67 lines unconditionally (that would include the Golan, Gilo, the Old City and the even the Kotel), in using the codewords of 242, 338 and 194 they are simply saying that they will simply flood Israel with Arabs.

More openly, they even take it a step further, by saying "assures the rejection of all forms of Palestinian patriation which conflict with the special circumstances of the Arab host countries" they are simply saying that the descendants of the Arab refugees will be kicked out of their "host" countries and shipped over to flood Israel.

And they are counting on Israelis being stupid enough to fall for all of this.

I have to agree, there are certainly those that will want to be fooled.


Leah Goodman said...

but Joe, don't you want PEEEEACE?!
I mean, if we give them everything they want and then some, then don't you think they might scale back on trying to kill us? (at least for a week or two)

Anonymous said...

No, triLcat, not a week or two. They'd be hard-pressed to restrain themselves for even a day or two.

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