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Saturday, November 29, 2008
For some strange reason certain people were claiming that having General Michel Suleiman as president was going to be a moderating force in Lebanon. I admit it probably helped with some of the internecine fighting as he would unite every under the Iran/Syrian/Hizbollah (pick one) flag.

In the meantime, "Iran and Lebanon have signed a security agreement, according to which Iran will supply the Lebanese army with weapons and equipment over the next five years."

"The agreement between the two nations was signed during Lebanese President Michel Suleiman's two-day visit to Teheran, which ended on Tuesday. The visit focused on security and defense cooperation, as well as on regional and international matters of mutual concern, an Iranian source revealed to the paper.

"By supplying the Lebanese army with weapons, Iran will thus be responsible for arming Lebanon's two major armed forces: the national army, and Hizbullah.

Well, there goes the neighborhood.


Leah Goodman said...

I don't see why we should be worried. It's not like Iran has nuclear... oh wait.
And it's not like they said they want to wipe us off the.. oh. oops again.

But let's not forget. Islam is the religion of peace. Look at India, where everyone lives all together, and the moslems are very peaceful...

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