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Friday, August 29, 2008
OK people. I want an explanation.

I write amazing (or so I think) posts on important subjects, and I am lucky if I get a single comment. I write a post about pizza, and suddenly the comments are rolling in (so to speak).

Please explain yourselves.

The mic is open.


aliyah06 said... is more important than politics? Just a guess....[grin]

Anonymous said...

your usual posts are bitter and accusative (even if accurate), and people don't want to be a part of that.

Leora said...

In my case, I don't live in Israel, but I like reading your point of view.

And I was tempted to comment on the pizza post, having just been to Israel, but I didn't actually eat pizza, my kids did. I don't think they would like pizza with swiss cheese. The pizza anakim (giant slices) in Modi'in looked good.

Back to politics, I try to get it.
But it doesn't register enough in my brain for me to make an intelligent comment. Pizza is easy and concrete.

Lady-Light said...

Uh, Joe, I wrote about this interesting if weird phenomenon way back in 2006, shortly after I started blogging. There I was, sweating blood surfing the 'net, researching, writing and editing deep, intellectual and pithy posts on the Meaning Of Life and getting no comments. But if I wrote about a callus on my left toe, the world flocked to my door. Here is that post.
My conclusion? We have a totally warped idea as to what is important for the future existence of mankind. It is really FEET, and PIZZA.

Batya said...

Nothing beats food for google searches. My plain cake on is a magnet for hits.

Renegade said...

1. I had a feeling you were going to ask this very question!

2. I live in NY, when it comes to Israeli politics I'm not exactly a maven so it's hard for me to contribute meaningfully. Pizza on the other hand is definitely in my area of expertise...

3. I gotta agree with lady-light and Batya, talk about food and the visitors come. for example is by far the most visited page on (at the moment defunct) blog.

Anonymous said...

Pizza is tachlis. Politics is hevel.


Rafi G. said...

by me too. people comment less on the political posts.

Leah Goodman said...

Pizza is near and dear to our hearts (and stomachs).
Politics just make me want to dry heave.

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