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Sunday, August 03, 2008
I remember 14 years ago, when Nadia Matar and Women in Green began/renewed what has become an important Tisha B’Av tradition.

The Oslo accords were in full steam. Nadia was becoming a clear leader in the fight for sanity in Israel (she obviously still hasn’t won, but she hasn’t given up).

She called her group Women in Green, as green represented life, and was the anti-thesis of the Women in Black group, a defeatist, and self-hating leftist movement started by Aliza Olmert, the wife of PM Ehud Olmert (and other radicals), that was beginning to promote their anti/post-Zionist philosophies that have since proven so dangerous and destructive to this country.

Women in Green announced that they were going to protest the attempts (through Oslo) to destroy Israel in front of the US consulate on Agron Street - by sitting there and reading Eichah, and then afterwards walking around the Old City of Jerusalem.

It was an exciting, inspiring and very appropriate idea.

And in reality it was even more exciting, inspiring, and appropriate.

Since that first Tisha b’Av 14 years ago, I’ve walked around the Walls of Jerusalem with them at least 6 or 8 times with them. And thousands (and I mean thousands of people do this walk every year)

This year again, Women in Green are Walking around the Walls of the Old City of Jerusalem.

This Erev Tisha b’Av, August 9, Saturday Night, Megilat Eichah will be read at Kikar Safra at 9:30pm and the walk will begin at 10:30.

For more information, go to the website.

Watch a video of last year’s march:

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