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Friday, August 22, 2008
During the convention, I thought Netanyahu was really interesting, but took away time from the other panelists, and more importantly the Q&A sessions with the panelists. I think more time should have been added to the panels and the convention should have just finished later. I would have stayed as would have a lot of people.

Furthermore, at the time, I also thought there was a bit too much campaigning on Bibi's part.

I just listened again to his speech and you know what, I have to rethink that completely.

Bibi started off talking about blogging, and he only did a little campaigning. The rest of the time he was answering questions (at length).

Some bloggers asked him blogging questions, and some asked him very political questions, and he answered their questions based on what was asked. In fact, he gave very comprehensive and complete answers. Here and there he mentioned being Prime Minister (and pushed his book twice), but most of the time he was really answering the questions asked.

His historical lesson was also incredible - and that was actually half his speech. In fact, what was most interesting, was that I knew many of the historical facts he mentioned, but never put them together as a comprehensive whole. And while it was long, the fact is, he gave the bloggers tremendous ammunition to use to defend Israel with all this information - and as he said "you have to have that deep knowledge and deep conviction".

I understand why those on the Left was upset with his speech. He spoke about truth, justice, rights and history. And he spoke the truth throughout.

I hope next year Webads and Nefesh bNefesh put together multiple tracks, workshops (and put me on the airplane) and give everyone enough time to meet, speak and ask questions.


Leora said...

Are you in any of Jacob Richman's photos? I'm curious. this is the first one

Anonymous said...

He "spoke the truth"? Hmm. Now the question is, would you have said that had he been debating opposite Feiglin, as you expressed below??

Cmon "Joe". The conference is over. Everyone appreciates the hard work that the organizers put into it and we look forward to the next one... But there's no denying that Bibi's podium-hogging was out of place, irrespective of whether a few audience members relished the opportunity to ask him questions and hear his "history lessons."

Anonymous said...

I also think he spoke for too long and took time away from everyone else (like I said), but the reality was that little of what he said was actual campaigning.

I would love to see him debate Feiglin, because Feiglin would catch and call him on the disconnect between the truth of his words to the truth of his implemented policies.

btw: They're your history lessons too. :)

Anonymous said...

leora: I think he catches the back of my head in one of them.

JoeSettler said...

OK "tafka"?

Dan said...

I think the problem was not with Netanyahu but with those asking him political questions. When he was asked about blogging, he responded about blogging. When he was asked about politics, he responded about politics.

Anonymous said...

Netanyahu needs to retire. Now!

Thanks for giving away Hebron Bibi!

DoubleTapper, blogging on Guns Politics Defense from Israel

K. Shoshana said...

Totally off-topic but I have nominated your blog for the Kick-But Award meme.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, but I avoid memes like the plague.

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