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Tuesday, August 26, 2008
Now that the Jblogger Conference is behind us all, and everyone is finished whining or praising, we can get back to our regularly scheduled business.

That business is of course "Settlement Activity".

"The settlement activity is not conducive to creating an environment for negotiations," Rice told a news conference with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

First of all, good to know. We'll keep it up. In fact, the message I got from that is that it's time to ratch it up a notch.

Of course, I'm not quite sure what "settlement activity" is.

I presumed that my actively living here in a Jewish village in Judea was settlement activity, but apparently, it's not enough.

Only actively building a house is, and I already did that (yes, I admit, I supported local Arab labor, and helped my Arab neighbors put food on their tables, and clothing on their kids. They even sat around my kitchen table with me drinking tea and coffee. I'm so ashamed of this settler's activity. It's just not conducive to peace at all.).

Anyway, apparently that's not enough. Now Rice tells me I have to keep building more.

So here are some thoughts I've been having.

I'm thinking I need to sneak in a caravan into Judea (you can't transport them in anymore, you have to disassemble them and then reassemble them - which makes sense to me, because they are much easier and faster to transport that way) and then using it for something. I haven't decided what yet, perhaps I'll open a Kosher Settler Diner ("Eat at Joe's").

So, I guess that might be considered building. Though technically, it's more like assembling. I'll have to check.

My other thought is to continue to help buy up land from the neighboring Arabs. From my long conversations with them, I've learned which country each one wants to take his family to, if only he could get a visa and money for his house and fields.

But then again, that's not really building either, it's just a just solution that many people on the ground here (Arabs and Jews) would apparently prefer (though not in Tel Aviv or Washington - out there they are really detached from what the people over here prefer).

I am clearly going to have to consider this "settlement activity" a little more in depth, to make sure I am still doing my part.


rockofgalilee said...

Our community was involved in a land reclamation project in Pikiin, where Jews bought land. The druze decided they didn't want Jews there anymore so they rioted and burnt down the jewish houses. This is in the Galilee, not YOOSH.
Pikiin is once again mostly Judenrein. The police/givernment stood by and watched.

Leora said...

Thanks, Joe Settler and Rock of Galilee, for being the real reporters. And people don't understand why I read blogs first for news instead of newspapers.

Anonymous said...

RoG: There are stories from Jerusalem too.

aliyah06 said...

I always thought the government of Israel should offer each head of household $300,000 to surrender his UNWRA and/or ID card and move east of the Jordan---this would be a lot cheaper than building the security fence, accruing more terror attacks, providing services for enemy alien residents---western Iraq, formerly a breadbasket, is desperately in need of manpower. How about there? Let's have a different law of return---any Arab with a Syrian, Jordanian, Iraqi or Egyptian great-grandfather (that's most of them, BTW) has the right to move "home" again instead of living under the Evil Zionist Occupation. Show some true Arab brotherhood!

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