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Tuesday, August 19, 2008
I’m not an expert at FSU regional politics, but I do have a number of friends originally from Georgia who were updating me regularly with reports from their family members who were suffering under the New Soviet aggression this past week.

There is no question that Russia is trying to regain its former supremacy, and has no qualms or limitations regarding the means or methods they plan to use to return to their glory days.

And besides pure brutality in the field, this includes supplying Iran with advanced weaponry, in what will be a failed attempt to turn Iran into a satellite state.

I was very disappointed with Israel’s diplomatic positions, and while the US’s position was a toothless tiger, at least they verbally took the right moral stand.


Anonymous said...

What confirmed to me that my opinion here is correct, was an extremely strange comment left on this site a week ago by some evil ISMer who praised the Russians and damned the Georgians.

No better way to see who your enemies are, than by seeing who your other enemies are supporting.

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