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Thursday, August 21, 2008
Let’s talk Left. As I mentioned in a previous post, my father has been sending me all these articles from various papers in NY. One article he sent me was from the Forward.

At this point I forget the whole premise of the piece, but I was astounded at how brilliant the Left really are.

Think about it. They all know how to differentiate the incredibly subtle differences between the different Arab terrorist groups.

In this particular article, the author was saying that Israel must negotiate with Hamas in Gaza, otherwise their citizens will move over to Al Qaida.

Now I can tell you the different strategic methods that each particular terrorist group (from Fatah to Islamic Jihad) prefers to deploy when murdering Jews or trying to destroy the Jewish State, but it is far beyond me to be able to differentiate why Arabs belonging to one terrorist group are worse than those belonging to a different terrorist group. Hell, some of them change groups in a day, more often than some people change their socks.

Ultimately their goals are the same, just their methodologies (usually) and strategy differ.

So I read this article, completely incapable of understanding why he advocated talking to Hamas, but put his limit at Al Qaida.

The funny thing that struck me, is that he probably thinks all Settlers are just like Yigal Amir (not realizing of course that Amir didn't live or grow up in a settlement - he lived in mainland Herzilya).


Anonymous said...

The Lunatic Left are able to discern incredible shades of gray (all rosy colored by the way) that don't exist in nature.

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