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Monday, August 04, 2008
Once again the Police have been caught in their trail of lies. From top cops with Mafia connections, top cops taking bribes, perjury on the witness stand, police violence, police leaks, and so on in never seems to end, and the stories only get more sordid.

Anyway, in the latest incident, it turns out that the cops purposely watched in hiding, as Arabs (in apparent collaboration with the police) violently attacked a group of settlers. The settlers then defended themselves, at which point the cops jumped out and arrested the settlers and let the Arabs go (who had also set up cameras in advance of their attack).

The cops don't even bother to dispute that that is what happened, those were their orders.

It really is time for a purge from the top to the bottom of this sludge barrel.


aliyah06 said...

Amazing! It's unbelievable that the people who are charged with protecting us are corrupt enough to set us up -- and then have no qualms about admitting this entrapment in a courtroom.

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