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Sunday, April 06, 2008
It has to kind of suck to work for Public Security Minister Avi Dichter. Here is a guy who fully supported the Expulsion of Jews from Gaza, and it’s his aides and bodyguards that have to pay for his idiocy.

Last week Dichter took a group of tourists to the settlements around Gaza. Quite a number of people have been shot around there (from Gaza), and this trip was no different.

The snipers claim they were aiming for Dichter, but shot his aide instead.

Meanwhile, Labor MK Danny Yatom, another supporter of Expelling Jews blamed the victims (Dichter) for going there. After all, he shouldn’t be going to dangerous areas (sic).

I can only assume that Yatom will next blame the residents of Sderot for living where they do too, or the farmers in those settlements who live there year round and are are routinely shot at from Gaza, or perhaps the residents of Ashkelon who should be expelled for their safety and the safety of the country.

It continues to blow me away that the increasing lack of security which has directly resulted from running away from Gaza refuses to sink into the brains of the Left, who would willingly repeat the process in Judea and Samaria if they could, and willing endanger the lives of the rest of the country in their sick, obsessive quest for a false peace.

Instead, they are happy to keep blaming the victims instead of punishing the perpetrators.

My only recommendation is to stay far away from Dichter.

And Refuah Shleimah to those injured.


Anonymous said...

Mature adults realize that they can't expect to have rights without responsibilities. You want the right of protection from the State of Israel. In return it asks of individuals that they be responsible and not endanger themselves. That is not blaming the victim, it's reminding you of where your rights come from and on what condition you receive them.

If you don't like that deal, then go found your own Jewish state somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

What a stupid comment. It doesn't even deserve a response.

Anonymous said...

What an intelligent comment on your part. Sounds like you don't have a response.

Anonymous said...

Really, tell your comment to the farmers there who are now shot at by snipers every week. Explain how they as individuals are responsible, and they shouldn't be farming there.

So should they not farm there?

They've been safely farming there until the Expulsion. Only then did it become dangerous.

Then explain how the State is protecting them.

You made a stupid comment. Deal with it. It doesn't deserve a response.

Anonymous said...

The state is protecting them much better than their grandparents were protected in Poland or Morocco or whatever. No, they are not perfectly safe now (though contrary to you statement, there were shootings, infiltrations, and rocket launchings before 2005 as well). And yes, since they obey the laws of the state they are entitled to demand that it fully protect them. But you might be surprised to learn that not all of them agree as to how this should be accomplished. Some of them want to nuke Gaza. Others think we should negotiate with Hamas. The latter camp may be larger than the former. And if those people demand security and concurrently demand that be achieved through an approach you find too wussy, who are you to preach to them that you know better than they do?

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