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Thursday, April 17, 2008
Two years ago a Palestinian cameraman was caught (by bloggers) faking and staging photographs/videos. Turns out he was apparently working for Iran, as reported by Caroline Glick, and was acting as part of the Hizbullah/Iran propaganda machine.

Anyway, the news is reporting that this same cameraman, Fadel Shana, was blown up by an IDF tank in Gaza and is showing the video.

So is this an example of reality imitating art, was he where he shouldn't have been, did he instigate the attack to get it on film, was he travelling with terrorists, or was he a terrorist himself?

I'm sure we'll all find out soon enough.


Rafi G. said...

how do you know it is the same guy?

Rafi G. said...

I just watched the video. the earlier video i saw only had the shot from the tank and then the screen went blank...

This is not the guy in the green flak jacket from lebanon is it?

Anonymous said...

No, this is the guy who had the hole in the roof of his jeep (but no broken glass or anything else, and blood on his outer shirt, but none on his t-shirt.

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