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Friday, March 21, 2008
Jameel dropped by my settlement to bring us some Mishloach Manot.

You would think that on Purim, Jameel would at least have thought to dress up in some sort of costume. Party Pooper.

Well, at least he brought us waffles.

Purim Sameach from JoeSettler and Family.


Anonymous said...

What an honor!

How were the waffles?

And nu, did you dress up at all?

Anonymous said...

Now, the police has your profile...rounded nails clipped short, middle age spread, modern Ashkenazi religious Jew that wears Tizit outside with blue thread and cell phone in that all together that any Shabach Agent can pick out in a crowd in order to put you in the slammer....just for telling the truth against this leftist Arab supporting erev rav goverment.

change your profile so that we can continue to enjoy your blog.

Howard Huges

Anonymous said...

The best Purim gift of all would be for Jameel to take his people and leave ... kind of the way Haman and his 10 moronic sons did.

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