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Friday, March 14, 2008
There's no prize here for the dropping dollar. That's for sure.

It's gone below 3.5 and it's not clear that the Bank of Israel's surprise intervention will have any long-term effect.

From where I sit, this isn't good.


Anonymous said...

i think it's great, in the sense that when the dollar is absolutely worthless, people in israel will stop pricing everything in dollars (already happening...) and they will start to realise that the US economy is doing far less for them than they imagine...
also, a rubbish US economy makes it much harder for the US to throw money around to 'achieve' it's foreign policy aims. and if you look at the news being streamed into sites like - you can see that the US is headed for a meltdown worse than the great depression - anyone with money there (or anywhere in chutz) should take it out NOW

JoeSettler said...

I'm not sure about that site you mentioned. It looks like one those fake sites that exists solely to draw search ad traffic.

But there is a point to what you are saying.

The downside is that the US does a lot of good too around the world, and if they are too damaged to do good, that is a bad thing also.

Anonymous said...

you could be right about the site -but the news being streamed in is all real - it's coming from CNN, the daily telegraph, CNBC etc etc.

the global economy is about to collapse - and i'm not sure i agree with you about the americans also 'doing good' with their money - self-interest is always the bottom line.

can you name some examples (other than propping up the UN; paying millions of dollars to egypt and other 'friends' of israel; or paying for all the lovely guns now being used by fatah and hamas)

(love your blog, btw)

Anonymous said...

Self-interest is not necessarily a bad word.

Going into Iraq and trying to introduce democracy was right. Just the US messed up the end game.

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