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Thursday, December 07, 2006
Right outside my house they are building the Fence.

I can’t say yet if I am inside or outside, as they haven’t quite gotten to the point where they go either left or right.

But as I watch them rip and slash their trail of destruction through the land belonging to my settlement, across land of private (pre-State) Jewish owners, and of the Arab fields and villages adjacent to my house I can’t but see how evil the secular Israeli mindset is.

I see once beautiful green areas destroyed and owners separated from their property.

Not only has the secular Israeli given up, but they are trying to take down everyone else with them.

Instead of real solutions, they want to stick their head into their shells like frightened turtles and hide. After all, if you pretend the problem is over there, then it can’t hurt you over here.

And if we ignore Kassams falling on our heads, then there is still a ceasefire.

And if we ignore the holes in the fence and the tunnels underneath it then the fence works.

Two weeks ago they found major portions of the fence near Jerusalem ripped up and useless, except to the masses of Arabs passing through it unchecked and unimpeded. It appears that it was that way for a while, and no security forces knew even about it.

Need we discuss the uselessness of the fence between Gaza and Egypt, or Gaza and Sderot and Ashkelon?

But the Israeli government needs an easy solution it can sell to the people even if it doesn’t work.

So now, my view is ruined, private land (both Jewish and Arab) is confiscated, and after Gush Katif last year, who knows if this government actually compensated the owners.

And worse, there is a real solution to Arab terrorism.

It’s called fighting it, and not with one hand tied behind your back.

First of all kill the terrorists, don’t put them in jail as bargaining chips or whatever. Next forcibly expel their supporters. And finally offer (and actually pay) generous compensation packages to the remaining Arabs and assist in their voluntary immigration. For those that remain there are political solutions we have discussed in the past.

In Lebanon the IDF went out of its way to not destroy civilian infrastructure that was being used by Hizbollah terrorists (yes they destroyed civilian infrastructures, but by far not enough and as a result it endangered the lives of our soldiers).

The solution isn’t a pretend defense; the solution is a real offense.

Ruining my view isn’t going to stop Arab terrorism – fighting it properly will.


Anonymous said...

Its a good start but you dont go far enough. The only real solution is to follow the Torah, that means no Goyim who arent Ger Toshav in Israel and an end to Western Democracy

JoeSettler said...

Democracy is a tool that can be used or abused. It depends on the value system that stands behind it.

One of the things Shlomo mentioned in his prayer at the dedication of the Temple is that all the nations can come and pray there. That way they could learn about G/d.

Considering Chanukah is coming up that is important to remember.

John Brown said...
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Michael said...

"First of all kill the terrorists, don’t put them in jail as bargaining chips or whatever."

Joe, I've always wondered why there are any terrorist prisoners in Israeli jails. I know we don't have a death penalty here, but that doesn't mean they can'd be "killed while resisting capture" or "shot while attempting to escapte."

Or maybe we just don't want to be like them.

But you're right. We need to fight back, and hit harder than they do. I truly believe that in this situation, G-d will help those who help themselves.

Anonymous said...

I once speculated about paying Palestinians to leave Judea and Samaria. And I came to the conclusion that as soon as we started such a program, Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia would begin paying Jews to leave Israel. They have a lot more money than we do, so overall we'd lose.

JoeSettler said...

Hopefully our side loves Eretz Yisroel more.

Anonymous said...

That doesn't sound too convincing.

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