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Friday, December 08, 2006
אני כתבתי את המאמר הזה בגלל שהאתר שלי מקבל תגובות ואי-מיילים מאוד גסים ומלאי שינאה - משונא ישראל החבר באירגון רייז אפ . נט

.(אר. איי. אס. אי. יו. פי. נקודה אנ. אי. תי)

.ולצערי בגלל ההתקפות האלה אני צריך לסנן את התגובות מראש, ואני מקווה מאוד שזה יהיה רק זמני
.אתכם הסליחה

It’s funny that the far Left in Israel see their natural allies as the international far Left.

It’s just as interesting to see how the international far left is aiming to take on the role the far Right used to control 60 years ago in various fascist and socialistic countries.

Under the guise of words like “freedom” and the like, the international far Left exploit these buzz words as an excuse for their overt and unconcealed anti-Semitism (which of course they say it isn’t, it’s just you Jews are so…).

What’s sad is that the Israeli left purposely closes its eyes to the anti-Semitism because it imagines that all the other goals are shared and the same, without comprehending that once the international far Left is done with the “bad” Jews, the “good” Jews are next.

Yesh Gvul and Peace Now accept money from foreign organizations and governments who do not have the best wishes for Israel in mind, and simply use our Leftists as tools to damage the Jewish people. These naïve dupes hurt Israel internally and externally in a way these international Leftists only dream they could.

“v’Lamalshinin al t’hi Tikva…”

It’s a shame, because America thought it destroyed the Nazis in World War II, but unfortunately their legacy lives on in the form of the far Left.

Nature abhors a vacuum. It’s only natural that an opponent to the US would arise after the fall of the USSR, and that is Islamic fundamentalism with Iran as the leader. The same with anti-Semitism. B’chol Dor vaDor. This time is the Far Left.

Shabbat Shalom


JoeSettler said...

Talking about hate, read this:

Anonymous said...

Your antisemite commentor is like a dog examining his own crap, so proud of himself and his ****.

JoeSettler said...

Yeah, he's a troll. He'll crawl back under his rock in a few days, or get busy burning crosses or something else.

Anonymous said...

Or Goosestepping!

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