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Friday, December 15, 2006
Besides missiles, and a day or two here or there over the past few months, it hasn’t rained in Israel for a while now. We need it.

The moshal of the scorpion on the frog crossing the river keeps popping up whenever one discusses what’s going on in the PA. And the truth is, the more they kill each other, the better it is for us here in Israel.

Yes, you have a few that still want to confirm that Israel is the enemy and still attack us (like the roadside bomb found yesterday just in time, or the suicide bombers last week caught at the last minute), but overall, with so many weapons running around and so many people fighting over who has the best method to destroy Israel, it’s so much better for us that they are finally turning their weapons onto themselves in a much more serious way.

I know, I hear the Leftists whining in the background wanting to get past the moderated comments, but I’ll answer you in advance (not that I need to, except you tend to ignore the obvious).

It is not Israel’s problem or responsibility if they choose to wipe themselves out. They’ve made their bed, despite (or more accurately, due to) the best efforts of the misguided world, and now it means that hopefully we here can get some quiet as long as we contain their violence to their side of town.

Will it spill over? Isn’t anarchy there bad for Israel?

That will be Israel’s choice. Anarchy there is theirs and the world’s responsibility, not ours (as much as the Left still want and claim it to be). They have their own governments and revolutionaries and whatever else. They voted in terrorists. They continued to attack Israel. Everything has a price – even as the Left tries to deny them accountability.

During the Iran-Iraq war the rumor has it that we supplied weapons to one side and intelligence to the other. If it’s true then as far as I’m concerned it was a good plan as it kept them busy with each other instead of us.

Right now, we don’t need to supply either side with either. They simply need to use up their ammunition and fighters against each other as quickly as possible.

The survivors will be happy to take Israel’s generous compensation offers to move to somewhere else safer.

Now we only need to make that official Israeli policy and get it implemented.


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