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Sunday, December 31, 2006
It’s a rather poorly written (idiotic) article, but what it is basically saying is that Israir is trying to beat out El Al in the Chareidi market by announcing it will have a Torah on one of its planes on its NY-TLV route.

There is no question that this will help push the Chareidi market more towards Israir and away from El Al which has been showing some pretty major disrespect to one of its largest customer bases.

Of course it raises real Halachic questions too, such as placement, the movies, etc.

But as Israir uses Airbus they probably have the flexibility to create a small shul on the plane which resolves a lot of halachic and social issues on the flight.

I flown on the smaller Airbus and wasn’t happy with the layout, but now I am thinking that Israir might be worth trying out, particularly since the NY-TLV route will probably be with a larger, newer plane and my last few flights with El Al have been unpleasant.
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