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Monday, January 01, 2007
Jameel just told me about the Bart family from Gush Katif. Batya Medad has written about it here.

The Bart family lived in their Kfar Darom home for 18 years. The wife, Chana Bart was paralyzed in 2002 in an Arab terrorist attack.

Their home was just outside of Kfar Darom, and legally purchased with title and deed from the Arab land owners. Their home (wheelchair enabled) was built with all the proper governmental authorizations.

Minhelet Sela, under control of Ehud Olmert, has decided not to pay a penny to the Bart family and their 8 children, all of whom were born, raised, and lived in Gush Katif, and were thrown out by the government and their home destroyed when the Jews were expelled.

Eliezer, the head of the household said:
"It's a terrible feeling to see respected and well-educated people sitting on the Disengaement Authority committee, yet they have no heart. They simply treat us coldly and with great hostility... On a personal level, we invested all the money that we had - the money we received for the injuries caused to Chana, and many loans, in order to help our family live."

This is abuse, pure and simple.

The Disengagement Authority can be faxed at 02 (or +972-2 from abroad) 652-9217. For those who cannot fax, email is second-best: ""
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