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Friday, January 12, 2007
As I was driving through the (rapidly) expanding settlement (9000+ residents) of Efrat I was wondering, “What is wrong with you people?”

Every 10 feet is a speed bump, and not just a speed bump, a speed mountain. Each one higher than the one before it. If that wasn’t enough to make me nauseous and ruin the shocks on my 4x4, then we have your traffic circles.

OK, Israelis love traffic circles (and many Yishuvim have them), but Efrat is probably 50% Olim, so what is the obsession? Why so many? And not just traffic circles, but extreme ones.

I drove around one traffic circle that is near these new buildings that will house some 50 new settler families (excellent), but the traffic circle pushes you so close to the edge of the road – which it turns out, is a cliff.

Between the nausea from the speed bumps and the extreme traffic circles, the cliff to my right was just really way to close for comfort.

And when I got to your shopping center, some cop is standing in front not letting me stop there to drop everyone off.

What was that about?

And the Fence! Why aren’t you out protesting it every day? It literally is 15 feet from your some of your homes (and it cuts through land owned by your Yishuv, and other privately owned Jewish land that goes back nearly a hundred years)!!!!

In the Shomron, the residents are far more active and they often get results, such as freezes and rezoning of the Fence, and cancellation (or modification) of idiotic policies regarding the Machsom.

With the exception of Nadia Matar (and did you click on her Women in Green ad that is running on my blog?) and a few others by you, I know you guys tend to be a bit laid back when it comes to protesting, but please, your moetza is really ruining what should have been a pleasant experience driving through your village (and your Mister Zol, isn't very Zol either).
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