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Tuesday, December 26, 2006
The JP has an interesting article on Palestinian-on-Palestinian terror.

You see, not only does their primitive society demand that they attack and kill Jews, but it demands that they attack and kill each other too.

The PLO is demanding that the Bethlehem gunmen be allowed to return, and it might happen.

Of course the Moslem Arabs are happy with the idea, but the Xian Arabs, already terrorized by their primitive Moslem neighbors are terrified of the thought.

Bethlehem used to have a much larger Xian community, until Arafat started pushing the Moslem population to take it over, even to the point of building mosques in the middle of Xian areas.

The JP describes how the Moslem terrorists stole from, attacked and killed a number of Xians in their reign of terror, as well as mistreating Xian clergymen.

Caroline Glick even describes how the Moslem Palestinians stole from the Church! And such good Moslems too, drinking alcohol and using the Xian Bible as toilet paper.

Well, we can't expect much more from them or their supporters anyway, can we?
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