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Wednesday, December 13, 2006
The big talk in the settlements lately is the government’s/army’s rather idiotic plan to introduce a false security system into the Machsomim (someone is making a lot of money off of it).

The army claims it is to help the residents and secure the rest of Israel, but it’s rather obvious that it does the exact opposite.

To go through the “fast lane” residents will need to call up and enter a secret code before they reach the gate. Everyone else, such as friends, guests, suppliers, rented cars, etc will have to go through the slow lane and the extra security checks (not that there won’t be extra security checks on the fast lane – just like there are now, just that they say there won’t be).

Rather underhanded way to start cutting off Judea and Samaria from the rest of the country – just make it real annoying for people to visit – exactly what they did at the end of Gush Katif.

A lot of residents complained, and so the Army “changed” its policy to having to call up “just” once a day as opposed to every time one wants to go through the Machsom.

Meanwhile there are plenty of reports of harassment of settlers by various people manning the gates. Something I may discuss in the future.


Olmert messed up on Israel’s ambiguity policy, except I’m wondering if Israel should introduce a new unambiguous policy called Second Strike. Perhaps Israel should declare that our official second strike policy will be to nuke the entire Middle East from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt etc., if a single NBC weapon hits us. Scorch our earth, we’ll scorch yours forever.

Israel still pretends that there is a cease-fire while Kassams continue to his us regularly from Gaza. Nothing new there. I guess this government would do that too with any Second Strike policy.

The only real reason it would never work – this government has zero credibility with the enemy, and that just kills any potential deterrent.


Meanwhile the Supreme Court (amazingly somehow still under guidance from Aharon Barak) has opened up the IDF to lawsuits by Arabs from Gaza. You know what? I agree, but only as soon as the PA starts paying us for damages they are causing, extra security and operational costs, and then we’ll start using their money we’ve frozen to directly pay Gazan Arabs that they’ve hurt with their continued terrorism.


Finally, you won’t read this in the news, but the army has actually switched tracks and has finally begun to return to seriously training for the upcoming war against xxxxx.

Actual (expensive) weapons are now fired freely and regularly in training; money is being liberally poured into vehicles and gas; and units are beginning to get new (and standardized) equipment and training with them.

After years of Leftist brainwashing that the IDF doesn’t fight the enemy, the doped up giant is finally going through rehab – and in a serious way.

The way it looks from where I stand, by this summer, technically we should be ready to win any multi-front war that is rushing towards us – but only if we get rid of those generals on top, and our current political leadership.


Michael said...

Joe: re: ambiguity policy
You're right about Israel's lack of credibilty with the enemy. I think the only good move at this point is to fall back to ambiguity, despite Olmert's idiotic slip (some liquid soap and packing tape for the PM's mouth wouldn't hurt, either). At least with official ambiguity, Israel can try to fend off calls for disarmament/sanctions/NPT/etc

No sense in trying deterrence if it won't deter. But nuke 'em anyway, if they ever do use NBC weapons.

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