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Monday, December 18, 2006
I find myself at a loss for words when I think about Amir Peretz and his staff.

On one hand, an anonymous member of Peretz’s staff had a brilliant flash of insight (an insight I have often mentioned here).

The JPost quotes the source as saying, “When the Palestinians fight among themselves their way out is always to just join forces and fight against their common enemy - Israel."

But the article continues to describe how despite describing the solution, no one in the government, including the author of the comment, gets it.

The comment’s author has it right, if the Arabs want to get out of their civil war they need to unite in attacking Israel.

Therefore the solution is to foment the civil war among the Palestinians, not to try to quiet it down as Israel is trying to do with their “secret talks” with Abbas the terrorist and Holocaust Denier.

Let them get overwhelmingly busy in killing and destroying each other that they won’t have the opportunity to try to unite and fight against us.

Unfortunately, this government is worried about the stability of Lebanon and how they might shoot missiles at us (again), or about the stability of Jordan, now that baby Hussein is divorcing his Palestinian wife.

Seriously, those regimes are not our problem.

This government needs to get the army and our deterrence back in shape, so we can either scare the enemy into not fighting us, and then defeat them when we do.

Instead it is worrying about the governments of dictators and terrorists.

They can’t see the forest for the trees.


Michael said...

This post brings into sharp relief the only possible good effect of disen, er, retreat: Israel's ability, now, to simply close the Gaza crossings and let the palys stew in their own juices.

Now they are busy shooting each other, and it's the perfect time for that. Let them waste their ammunition on their own brothers.

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