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Sunday, May 07, 2006
Can you smell it? Peace is back, polluting the air with its rancid smell.

Olmert is going to stop us bullying Settlers and declares the law will be fully enforced against (only) us (again). Yup, we’re back to being demonized in full force (again).

Jews will once again be forbidden to buy property in our ancient cities (again).

We’ll just ignore that (Hamas instead of Fatah) terrorists run the PA, as we extend our hands in peace (again).

We’re again prepared to make painful concessions (well, painful to the Settlers at least) for Peace (again).

“If you abandon terrorism Israel will make painful concessions” (we’ll hurt ourselves), if you don’t abandon terrorism we’ll still make painful concessions (we’ll hurt ourselves) while we let you hurt us (again).

Ahh, but the real news is that Peretz plans to relax the ‘work related’ travel restriction on Palestinians so they can cross into pre67 Israel. But just not for the real, real, bad Palestinians (again).

Yup. We’re back to forgetting (again).

We’ve even forgotten we’re disengaging. Oh, but that only means Jews from Israel (again).

Anyway, that smell in the air? It’s the next suicide bomber in a market (again).

I’m so glad we have our priorities straight.

Unfortunately the evil Settlers don’t know how to fight back creatively (again). You see, despite what you might read on Haaretz, we Settlers are not going to use deadly force against our fellow Jews (though the secular Israelis are quite prepared to use it against us), so instead we keep talking about 2 or 3 generations from now when we religious are the majority (scary thought for the secular), but no one thinks about how to speed up that process.

Here’s an idea. Let’s start handing out free knives outside clubs and shopping centers.

Did you know that just this year alone, (secular) Israelis have stabbed and killed more fellow Israelis than Palestinians have stabbed and killed Jews. Let’s just give them the tools they need.

OK, I admit, I’m being contemptuous of their (lack of) culture, but how much can you really expect from a society that thinks they are thieves and can’t even explain to their own children what right they even have to be here (and I don’t just mean the Prime Minister).

Obviously if they think they are criminals, they’ll act like criminals, and it starts from the government and works its way down.

The difference is that the government uses other people to commit their acts of violence, while the club-hoppers are stuck doing the stabbings themselves.

While practically an entire Air Force base of secular Israelis raped a sick little girl under the eyes of the base officers (and how secure is this base anyway), a Jewish soldier is discharged because he won’t shake the hand of the man who threw his family out of his home. I won’t even go into the other recent stories of these desensitized secular IDF soldiers.

Secular Israeli society is creating a desensitized nation.

Seriously, if we Settlers really want to win, then we need to reconnect this nation to its Jewish soul.

We need to resensitize them to the Torah and Jewish values.

This nation needs to remember why they live in Israel (and its not the Holocaust), we need them to light up their Neshama, not a joint (or if a joint, at least along with their Neshama).

One of the most powerful ministerial positions is now in the hands of the Shastitutes - the Ministry of Communications.

While it’s amusing to consider how they are going to handle issues like Shabbat broadcasting, porn, and other sins, one can only hope that this new guy Attias will institute more freedom of communication on the TV and radio, not just to legalize pirate Radio Kol Shas, but to allow real freedom of speech, which includes reinstating Arutz-7 and demanding fair time for the Right and religious on public channels and stations (which currently includes are nearly all the channels and stations).

(Demanding he closes down Army Radio, and commercializing everything would be too much to ask though.)

Unfortunately, I’m quite sure he will only look out for his own.

But could you imagine what an independent TV and radio station with a right wing and pro-Jewish disposition could do to this country?



Anonymous said...

What is your suggestion for reconnecting the Chilonim to Torah? Besides Chabad no one has teh Hashkafa or the manpower for massive Kiruv, so what do you want done?

Jerusalemcop said...

amnon yitzchak does

Truth said...


"Besides Chabad no one has the Haskafa or manpower for massive Kiruv"...

There you said it yourself, buddy.

Looking for a shastitute [Joe, that's a classic] or some other person/org. to do get the job done, that's one of our biggest ills.

With all the religious Jews in Israel, why can't each one try to reconnect the distant that he/she knows, wouldn't that help?

If you ask how, it's actually not difficult - 1) Be a good example [of a Torah Jew] in all of your dealings 2) Invite them for Shabattot/Chagim, stam, etc., believe me the Torah is contageous when it's real...


Anonymous said...

I say remove the Pill and Cable TV from religious communites. If the haredim can do it so can we. Two can play this game.


Anonymous said...

Rav Amnon is a great Tzadik but he is one man, with Chabad everyone is involved in Kiruv

JoeSettler said...

kahaneloyalist said: "with Chabad everyone is involved in Kiruv"

Yeah, but to what?

Anonymous said...

Joe, Truth, everyone says "we need to bring the chilonim back to Torah" and I say great, but how and I am still waiting for a answer. If you have one let me know.

JoeSettler said...

Unfortunately it is not as sexy to help out the underprivileged of Katamonim & Yerucham as it is to bring kids over on 2 week sightseeing trips to Israel.

But look at the example of Rav Grossman. He’s one man and he’s personally saved the lives (and the neshamot) of thousands, if not tens of thousands of Jews who somehow found themselves in very bad places.

I don’t know if what he does is repeatable, or is it solely dependent on him, but certainly that should be explored.

The underprivileged of Israel are where the religious need to start. They are starving for food and for Jewish culture, and when they get neither it’s bad news.

These are the people that supported Kahane to their mutual benefit, these are the people that supported the Black Panthers to their mutual benefit, these are the people that supported Shas to their mutual benefit, and these are the people that will support x to their mutual benefit.

But if, like Kahane, x also supplies them with Torah (not Shas Torah) then you are creating an incredible symbiotic base to build on, in part because there is (almost) no inherent hatred for Torah in this class that you need to overcome.

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