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Saturday, May 20, 2006
Let’s get right to the point.

Some time ago I was in the Malcha mall in Jerusalem where we were inundated with cigarette smoke everywhere - the stores, the hallways, and especially in the food court. The Mrs. complained to the management and received the answer, “We are doing all we can.”

Now I can tell you that is either a lie or poor incompetence.

I was in another mall recently, the Kanyon HaGadol in Petach Tikva and can tell you I couldn’t find a smoker anywhere.

Now you might try to tell me that Israelis are more concerned for the law in Petach Tikva, or perhaps they simply don’t smoke in Petach Tikva, but we would all know that that isn’t true.

So why isn’t there smoking in the Kanyon HaGadol, unlike the Malcha Mall?

One reason.


On duty policemen always walk around the Petach Tikva mall, and I have to assume that one of their tasks is actually upholding the law that smoking is not permitted in the mall.

Would that really be so difficult to implement in Malcha (not to mention controlling the Beitar hooligans on Saturday night)?


Anonymous said...

I not infrequently find myself having to step OUTSIDE (where the smokers are supposed to go) to get away from the tobacco stench INSIDE at the Tahana Merkazit in Jerusalem. Maybe it's a Yerushalmi thing? A subconscious expression of desire for the return of the ketoret along with the rest of the Mikdash service? (Trying awkwardly to put the best possible face on it....)

Anonymous said...

A year ago Malcha tried getting rid of smoking. I personally saw on two occasions management forcing people to put out their cancer sticks. It was short lived. If Malcha was serious, then they would force the restaurants not to allow smoking. The Malcha management is very powerful- when they want to be.

If a store puts ups on store paper "Wanted- workers after army etc.. "the management sniff team WITHIN MINUTES rips it down and forces the store to use Kinyan Malcha Paper. (As if we dont what mall we are in...)

It boils down to money. Joe- can the anti- smoker consumer boycott Malcha Mall?


Anonymous said...

I smoked for 7 years and i'm going thru hell now to quit. I got a big boost from the surgery.. since i didnt smoke 5 days in hospital and its been 9 days total!

But I for years smoked in malcha.

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