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Thursday, May 11, 2006
Tommy may be out of the Knesset, but that doesn’t mean all the anti-Semites have left the building.

The first time I heard about the ‘kosher tax’ was from a neo-Nazi, the second time was from Tommy Lapid (virtually word-for-word: which makes me wonder who was quoting who).

Well now, Moshe Sharoni of the Pensioner’s Party (soon to be just the Qadima Old-Timers) has taken up waving that banner in the Knesset.

Here it is in all its glory. He says Israel should cancel the kashrut (did he mean kosher certification or actually the kashrut?) on dairy and meat products – and thus they’ll be cheaper!

The man is absolutely brilliant. It’s really a shame these guys don’t get to speak much publicly before elections.

Anyway, I am sure that for my readers you don’t need a lesson in basic economics, much less neo-Nazi propaganda.

In other news, the evil settlers are selling gas to Palestinians (shhhh, for a profit).

And finally, members of the previous Knesset were calling Netanyhu and his budget the epitome of evil. Those same poeple now make up this government and they all just voted in Netanyhu's same exact budget (with some changes for the worse). Only 4 coalition members had the moral principles to not vote for it, saying they wouldn’t have voted for it before and won't vote for it now.

It also turns out that Eli Yishai won’t cancel the bread-price hike.

So much for social concerns.

But really, it's all about the Kosher tax.


Anonymous said...

I think its just great. Peretz voted for the Bibi budget. A zebra can't change her spots. EVER.

Son of Deer

Lisa said...

I remember one year, when Meretz had an insert in the newspapers during campaign season that showed big splotches of black everywhere there were concentrations (pardon the expression) of haredi Jews. And I wasn't sure what appalled me more: that they'd do something so blatantly anti-semitic, or that no one seemed to be appalled by it. And I include other religious Jews.

But the kosher tax, now? Lapid and Sarid must be so jealous.

Olah Chadasha said...

As for the Kosher tax - if they don't like it they can go drink the sea water of the coast of Gaza - I am preatty sure it doesn't have a hechsher - Sharoni has proven to be a big loud mouth - but that's ok it is most likely the last time his party will be in the Knesset - I see a Shinui syndrome in the Future.

As for the budget - don't get that excited about it - they knew that they were voting for this budget because they don't have time - a first (of 3) votes - is a pre vote and really doens't mean very much, all the changes will be put it now (unfortunatly) and they will vote on their "social" budget in the next few weeks.
oh and Shely Yachimovich is an idiot!!!

Oleh Yahshan said...

last post was mine (oleg yashan - not my wife)
שבת שלום

Eitan Ha'ahzari said...

Joe: a little bit radical alluding to those calling for a "kosher tax" "Nazi." One thing I can understand is that this exact quote was used by a neo-Nazi but the Gil Knesset member is far from Nazi. This I'm certain of.

As for the points you make, I do agree with you. It's just fantastic how the government works! It's beyond belief is more like it, though.

Eitan Ha'ahzari said...

Son of Deer: Bar-Zvi/ Ben-Ayal?
Am I right?

JoeSettler said...

Regreg23: "radical"?!

The phrase 'kosher tax' is the exact phrase used by the neo-nazis. Go to their websites to see for yourself.

Their definition, description and related comments are exactly the same as Lapid's and Shimoni's.

If both groups are using the same exact phrases and terminologies against the same subject, I'd say they have something seriously in common.

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