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Friday, May 05, 2006
Amir Peretz is going to have a problem.

The first move his convergence consolidation capitulation government did this week was raise the price of bread! That’s right! This supposedly socially-concerned government which was supposed to put the poor first actually raised the price of the most basic staple the poor can buy.

The opposition is now setting up a no-confidence vote.

How will Amir Peretz vote?

For the government hurting the poor, or against the government and thus losing his job?

Interesting dilemma. I know he’ll get out of it, I’m just curious how.

(Actually Shas will probably cancel it just in the nick of time and save the day).


Anonymous said...

Don't you know-he's an idealist???
He is especially knowledgable about defense also.

Anonymous said...

You have not seen anything yet! Wait till the Defense Ministry goes on strike!!!

Son of Deer

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