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Sunday, May 28, 2006
Last night, at around 11:00 pm, on Route 55, near Kvar Sava, on the pre67 side of the imaginary Green Line, a pigua did not happen.

A hitchhiking post was not sprayed with bullets (and thankfully no one was hurt) in what wasn’t a drive-by shooting by Arab terrorists.

(Good Morning Israel)

Obviously such an even could never occur on the “protected” Israeli side of the security fence, so it would be pointless to report such a repercussionless story if it did occur (repercussionless as long as no one got hurt).

Though with all the missiles that hit the south who would actually care about another terrorist strike – oh, except that the terrorists were driving while physically on the wrong side of the "impenetrable" barrier.

Meanwhile the big news is that Hizbullah hit an army base with a Katyusha missile (which is actually an early warning base against Hizbollah Katyusha missile attacks) and injured a soldier. The base is near Tzfat around 10 kilometers from the Lebanon border.

This entire post is completely unconfirmed so just ignore it until the censor allows someone to write about it in a few months when it won't make any difference anymore.


Oleh Yahshan said...

Im not sure what the point of the first part of the post was. Are you trying to say that the Fence is not the great defence we all think it is?? big suprise there.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

OY: Well, the media seems to think its the end-all to all our worries...

Oleh Yahshan said...

it's not just the media doing that - your "great" Govt. seems to be baseing it's life on it. Without it how can they have a hitkansut??

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