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Monday, May 08, 2006
Well there you have it. Peres is recommending that Labor and Kadima unite because “there is no difference between them.”

One wishes he would have openly said the truth before the elections.


Anonymous said...

This merger is a great idea.

Meretz+Labour+Kedima = Post Zionist Parties.

Likud+NU/NRP+YP = Zionist Parties.

Shas+AY = Bribery Parties

No more fudging. Everyone knows what they stand for.

Shimon- go for it. Bring down the left! We even vote for you for the Vaad of your building.

Son of Deer

Rafi G. said...

Unbelievable that he said that isn't it? I was thinking about posting about this the other day as well. If they are the same thing, why did he bolt the Labor party for Kadima? He is such a blatant opportunist? They are so similar that they should unite, though he saw that his dieaology had not been with Labor any longer, so he left for Kadima. Now they are the same?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

SOD: You forgot that the Pensioner's party is ALSO inherently part of Quadima.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Joe, but you're mistaken on this one. Peres did say before the elections that there's no difference between Labor and Kadima -- several times, in fact. Examples of coverage:

NPQ Magazine, Jan. 09, interview

MSN News, Feb. 20, speech at Bleich High School

Knesset News, Feb. 21, speech at Bleich High School

There are a lot of things that you can accuse Shimon Peres of, but not having said this isn't one of them.

JoeSettler said...


To quote Shimon Peres, “There is nothing to learn from history”, “I am bored with history,” and of course, the ever famous, “the past interests me like last year’s snow”.

So what was your point in throwing some historical Shimon Peres quotes at me?

And of course, “Israeli children should be taught to look to the future and not live in the past. I would rather teach them to imagine, than to remember.”

Have I made my point clear yet?

JoeSettler said...

"I am totally uninterested in the past. If you wouldn't ask me I wouldn't talk about it. The past bores me. Listen, it bores me for two reasons: it never repeats itself and secondly it is unchangeable. So why should I concern myself with it?"

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