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Sunday, March 12, 2006
I have to admit, the best campaign ad on TV so far belongs to...


It's a simple ad.

It starts off knocking Amir Peretz big time. It derides all of the candidate's shortcomings such as his poor English, lack of leadership experience outside of the unions, provincial, etc. It finishes off with the question of "Who is this leader?", and instead of Amir Peretz that we are expecting, we get a picture of Ben-Gurion. Very powerful.

Alei Yarok also has some very entertaining ads.

NU/NRP ads are well done, but they really don't speak to me at all.

Most funny goes to the Meretz ad where their ultra-Orthodox candidate says she supports homosexual marriages. Strange though, almost all their ads seem geared directly towards homosexuals. I guess it's their freedom from religion thing they're promoting.

Shinui and Chetz are just pathetic in how each one wants to show how they hate the religious more than the other. They probably brought in a neo-Nazi to produce their commercials.

Likud has two excellent anti-Olmert ads. One asks people in the street to name one thing Olmert has done in his 40 years of politics, and everyone is stumped and answers "ehhhhhh' (the ad finishes off Ehhhhhhud Olmert), the second points out his "successes" as mayor of Jerusalem.

Kadima's ads are mostly just pathetic attacks on Netanyahu using old footage.

The Chareidi party had an excellent ad. It wasn't made for their audience (which isn't supposed to be watching TV), but was rather something for the general public. It pointed out that 80% of the volunteers (I didn't catch if it meant organizations, or full or part time volunteers) in Israel are Chareidi. It pointed out how many people and families (specifically not Chareidi) are given free assistance by these volunteers (such as free meals, free medical supplies, free medical assistance, etc.). It was good use of public airtime to let the general public realize that the Chareidim give a lot back to the Israeli community and they are direct beneficiaries. I hope they show it a few more times.


Anonymous said...

what about herut and marzels party

Anonymous said...

I didnt see the Chetz ad but in Shinui's add it shows a Chioloni walking and then some Charedim jump onto the ground and grab his legs. Then he starts dragging them along, as he walks more Chareidim latch onto him, he finds relief when the Charedim disapear in a puff of black smoke.

JoeSettler said...

Herut's has an interesting play with the graphics. Their 'vote letters' are Nun and Tzadi (Netz). They are promoting a platform of Pinui Pitzi (Relocation-Reimbursement) for the Arabs - just like what was done to the Jews in Gush Katif, but different as Herut plans to also implement the reimbursement part unlike what was done to the Jews in GK.

Anyway nun and the tzadi keep morphing between the words piNui and piTZui.

I didn't see Marzel's first commercial with Kahane, but I saw another poorly made one which really didn't impress me.

Chetz & Shinui alternate between their party leaders discussing who hurt the Chareidim more (one takes credit personally, the other takes credit for his party). And one has a claymation cartoon which is nice graphically, but just offensive in general. The Hiloni is a donkey, the Charedi is a ram and it shows the ram putting the donkey into different situations (heavy carrying until he's crushed, army service only for the donkey, etc.)

In the other commercial (parts of which are blacked out, not because of the offense, but because of the age of the actors) the Chareidim disappear because the voter voted them out of existence.

Honestly though, I don't remember whose ad was whose. They both have the same message of hate.

There's also a Tzomet (tzomet tzomet tzomet tzomet tzomet) ad which I don't get what they want, but they repeat tzomet a lot.

Eitan Ha'ahzari said...

I haven't seen any of the commercials since I'm usually @ work all day and have only channels 1 and 2 @ home.

Anonymous: I hope you're not voting for either of those parties. If you are you're simply wasting your vote which I ended up doing by voting Herut in the previous elections. Don't get too hyped about Marzel's party. It's another attempt by the big guy at getting back into the knesset-something I'm afraid he'll never do.

Joe: from your descriptions of the commercials I'm guessing I'd like the Likud one the best since I completely share its sentiments. As for's got some think-tanks working for him!

Hope you had a great Purim, Eitan.

Eitan Ha'ahzari said...

...and then came the video


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