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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Who won these elections?

A party with no ideology (except for kicking settlers out of their homes) with a leader who is tired of fighting and winning, and social-based parties that will bring back socialism and higher taxes. And this is where nearly half the citizens couldn’t even be bothered to go out and vote.

What does that say about Israel?

Israel has lost the will to survive. Israel has lost the will to fight. Israel is looking for quick and easy solutions to real problems that don’t have quick and easy solutions.

No one cares that 2 people were killed today by a Kassam rocket. No one cares that the Gazans have been importing Katushya rockets and now begun to use them. No one cares that Israel is not properly fighting the terrorists. No one cares that disengagement has failed or that the socialist infrastructure that was crushing our economy to the point of bankruptcy was nearly at the verge of being removed and positive outcomes were finally being seen by the overall improvements in our economy and the increase in available jobs.

Unfortunately, it is only us, a minority in this country that are still willing to fight for a free market, oppose terrorism, and to keep for our homes and country.

We won’t let these results discourage us. The fight will be more difficult now, but we can’t give in, because if we do then all is lost for everyone in this country, not just us.


Anonymous said...

Chazak, haver. As Baruch Marzel has just pointed out on A7 - with a two room budget, no paid election workers, but with a clear ideological and practical platform, he has captured 20% of the national religious vote.

That is something to give hope.

Anonymous said...

If Bibi and Lieberman can make a sweet enough offer to the Pensioners, and get Shas and Agudah on board as well, then they still have enough to form a blocking coalition against Olmert. They'll have to give the Pensioners everything they want and more, though, because Olmert will try to do the same.

It seems to me that the future of this country is about to be determined by a bidding war to buy the Pensioners.

JoeSettler said...

lurker, I don't see it without an Arab party or Labor to make up the missing votes.

Anonymous said...

You're right -- my calculation was based on numbers from last night's projections, which could have created a blocking coalition of 61. This morning's numbers come only to 58, which is not enough. :-(

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